Explaining management theories through motion graphics, providing an efficient way for busy readers to learn bits of new knowledge every week.
Editor, Graphic designer, Animator
Business Weekly Magazine
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, AfterEffects
Project Type
Individual Project
People nowadays are bombarded with overload information, losing time and patience to read long articles. Visualized content is much easier to absorb, and is more efficient in explaining a concept. Through using relatable metaphors and eye-catching animations, learning can be fast and fun!

The Information Post-Its were a solo project I worked on while working as a digital designer in Business Weekly Taiwan. The animated Post-Its were used as a social tool to provide snippets of information and spark conversations in LINE group chats our company facilitates with over 500 business leaders in Taiwan. 

Take a look, get a feel, and I'll share my process after that!
01 The Design

02 The process

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