Writing a bio is hard. Knowing that I have a background in journalism and "should" be great in communication doesn't make writing a bio easier. After all, what is a bio? What do people want to know? What do people already know? Who am I?

I can be Grace, "a UX designer with strong research skills, eager to create impact by finding solutions through information and technology."

Or "a storyteller, creative thinker, with multimedia skills and digital design experience."

I can also be "a friend, a great listener, and a firm believer in 'people first.'"

Or "Myself/human: loves walking, crocheting, baking, learning, animals, and puns. And secretly want to be a rock sometimes. (They can sit there, people watch, and not seem weird)."

All true. I am many things, I wear many hats. As so do you. 

I would love to hear about YOUR hats, life, dreams, and goals. And definitely, cats if you have them. So feel free to reach out, and we can chat!
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